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AUD$975 for 2 persons. Each additional person $200. Children under 3 yrs free

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Large Holiday House in the beautiful little village of Soubès Languedoc Roussillon, France

The Village - Soubès

Soubès was, during the time of the Roman Empire, the site of villas, where wealthy Romans after a hard day in Nero’s Lodève could retreat to their homes on the first hill beginning the ascent to the mountains of the Cevennes.

The geography hasn’t changed.  Look out past the town hall and the view could be of the Val da Chiana in Tuscany.  Walk following the signs that say “Sentier Botanique” (botanical path) and in minutes you will be climbing the Grand Route 71 to Caylar.  These ancient trails are older than the roads and lead to such places as Saint-Guilhem-le- Désert, part of the pilgrimage route to Spain.  The views are of stone conical shepherds huts and vineyards and more vineyards and forests and waterfalls.

Look out of one of the front windows of the house and you will see the Renaissance fountain which gives the Place de la Fontaine its name.  You will also see the remains of the mediaeval walls, beyond which wind the streets of the mediaeval town with its Romanesque donjon and the Chateau de Peyrottes (there is a wine of the same name)  The church isn’t as old as it looks, but the stones are; they were taken from the ramparts.

Walk out the door, cross the Place and go up hill for a few feet.  There you will see the second town square.  The Café du Terral has tables spread every where in fine weather, which is most of the year.  The town hall and library are located on the same square as is the small grocery store, where you can buy your fresh bread and croissants for breakfast.

Soubès is a growing, not declining village with a lively communal life.  There is a large new primary school and a large new senior citizens home.  There is a Christmas market and a communal dinner in June when tables are set up for the whole length of the Rue de la Coural, the street which passes by the house. The rest of the year is punctuated by such activities as the running of the bulls and the Fete de la Musique. The bread truck stops in front of our house; beeps the horn; the locals come out to buy.  On Tuesdays the butcher’s truck unfolds on the square to become a shop. You can get fresh vegetables at the Friday market.  It will all happen just outside your door.

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